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by | Sep 22, 2017

My name is Raghu Cherukuru and I work as a Sr. Database Administrator at Uline. I have been working as a DBA/Developer primarily in DB2 LUW platforms for more than 12 years. I also have considerable amount of experience managing Informix/Postgresql database servers.

I enjoy solving complex database problems and provide direction to large enterprises on managing their data. Recently I worked on performance tuning a 100 TB Decision Support System (DSS) and migrated close to 200 Db2 physical/stand alone servers to VMWare private cloud.

My area of expertise include but not limited to Installations, patching, configuration, automation and version control, auditing, security, High Availability, replication technologies, SQL development and tuning, monitoring, performance tuning, disaster recovery planning, data movement utilities, backup and recovery.

A part from database research, administration and development, I enjoy coding. My favorite programming languages include Perl, Java, Python and shell to some degree. I also have deep understanding of Linux, Unix operating systems and storage technologies. This wide array of skill set helps me optimize database environments from several perspectives.

From personal front, I live in Chicago, IL with my wife Keerti and our handsome 23 month old (as of September 2019) son Anvith. I enjoy my family life as much as I enjoy work and always trying to strike the balance between the two. I like running, hiking in nature, music and clean eating.

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