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DB2 Finding Top 10 Most Active Tables ?

  Problem: How would you generate a report of the ...
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Db2 SQL And SQL Tuning

  Its been a couple of months since I posted ...
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DB2 Finding Duplicate Rows

  Problem: As a DBA, you may get asked by ...
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Slow Hash Joins In pureScale

  Problem: I was contacted by fellow team members saying ...
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DB2 Server Build Best Practices!

  The reason I am posting this article is I ...
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How To Find Redundant/Unused Indexes ?

  Problem Statement: A redundant index in my book can ...
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Alternative(s) To db2cluster command To Display GPFS Configuration

  While working in a pureScale environment, I learned that ...
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What Are Column Group Statistics ?

  In this blog post I am going to talk ...
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How To Measure Tablespace Utilization In DB2 ?

  Problem: You would like to find out quickly how ...
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DB2 How To Measure Transaction Log Write Time ?

  Transaction Logging: In this short blog post I am ...
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DB2 pureScale Cluster Slowness During Index Creation

  Problem: I work at a place where performance of ...
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How To Find Missing Indexes On Foreign Key Columns ?

Problem Statement: You are trying to figure out if there ...
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Linux Tips And Tricks For DBA’s

In this blog post I am going to discuss few ...
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How To Perform Db2 Alternate Restore Using NetBackup ?

Task Description: You need to restore a Db2 database backup ...
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Troubleshoot Db2 Backup Issues With Veritas NetBackup

Problem Statement: So you are a database administrator and you ...
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How To Configure DB2 To Use NetBackup ?

Task Description: Configure Db2 LUW database and transactions log backups ...
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How To Perform DB2 Loads in HADR Environment ?

Problem Statement: You need to run DB2 LOAD utility in ...
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DB2 How to Lower High Water Mark For DMS Tablespaces ?

Problem Statement: Prior to DB2 V9.7, its a struggle to ...
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Download db2utils

For Java runtime Environment 6(1.6):  For Java runtime Environment 7(1.7):  ...
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How To Deep Compare Two Db2 Environments?

What is DB2 Deep Compare ? Have you ever tried ...
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